A Performance Artist met a Human Rights Barrister

Interdisciplinary conversations between artists and academics

The question I didn't ask

Performance artist Lucy Hutson wrote 'The question I didn't ask' in response to their conversation with Frances Ridout

This is how they got there...

Lucy Hutson
Frances Ridout

Lucy Hutson is a queer live artist and author  

Lucy finds inspiration in their continued confusion and anger at the world thay inhabits 

thay are a Prosecco Anarchist making work that questions human nature and interrupts social order


Frances is the Director of the Legal Advice Centre based within the Department of Law and a practising barrister. In addition to her duties as the LAC Director, Frances teaches two LAC modules; The Practice of Law in a Clinical Environment and StreetLaw which are on the undergraduate degree. Frances is an expert in the current law surrounding the sharing of intimate images, and regularly speaks on this topic.

Prior to joining Queen Mary University, Frances was working at the independent criminal bar.  She practiced from 15 New Bridge Street Chambers, where she remains an associate tenant. Her work included conducting criminal and quasi criminal cases – mainly funded through legal aid.  Frances also has extensive experience of representing those who have been arrested at the police station.   

Frances has experience of prosecuting and defending in high profile matters such as the LIBOR prosecutions conducted by the Serious Fraud Office and the trial of Asil Nadir in relation to Polly Peck. Her experience spans criminal law, procedures, evidence and disclosure. While in practice she regularly appeared at the Crown Court, Court of Appeal, High Court and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Most notably Frances represented Terrance Calix in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in his 2013 appeal for damages for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.      

Throughout her career Frances has worked on social justice cases, human rights issues and pro bono matters. She remains, as she has always been, committed to the provision of legal services for those who cannot afford to pay for representation.

Frances is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

ON 11 August 2020, LUCY and Frances HELD THEIR CONVERSATION
ON 11 August 2020, LUCY and Frances HELD THEIR CONVERSATION

responding to Lucy's practice

on images and consent

I was really excited to get the chance to talk to someone from your field. Consent is something that is on every woman's mind, all the time.

Lucy Hutson

on Fran's work

You can quantify how much you've helped and what you've done - there's a huge impact that you and your department have made on a lot of people's lives!

Lucy Hutson

on courts and monitoring police

on legal aid

It seems like once you get to legal aid, that's when things become easier ... but it's the journey to get there [that is so challenging]. How much gatekeeping is there before the legal aid team come to know about a case?

Lucy Hutson

reflecting on the conversation together

Frances Ridout wrote this piece in response to her conversation with Lucy Hutson