Queen Mary Conversations Week

Interdisciplinary conversations between artists and academics

9-16 April 2021

The great critic William Hazlitt once observed of authors that they might be good at writing – but they shouldn’t be expected to talk: ‘an author is bound to write […]. But I do not see that he is bound to talk, any more than he is bound to dance, or ride, or fence better than other people.’ 

During a week-long celebration of the art of conversation, we set out to prove William Hazlitt wrong. 

Conversation is a vital part of how academics work at Queen Mary University of London. In the past year, when talking mattered more than ever, QMUL Arts and Culture commissioned 27 exchanges between artists and academics. Conversations with dancers, sculptors, curators, writers, actors, poets, photographers, performance artists, producers and community organisations allowed researchers in science, medicine and the humanities to develop new insights and exchange knowledge through the expertise of the cultural sector.  We celebrate these conversations with a week-long series of events that talk about everything from boxing to housework, data science to teeth, childcare to synaesthesia, engineering and zombies. 

We welcome you to join us: to push the boundaries of knowledge, to create new collaborations, to trade in talk - to celebrate the art of conversation.


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But first... Some Housekeeping
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Art, Craft and Value of Conversation
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Sounding Out Ideas
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Futures, Histories, Life and Death
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Bodies in Motion
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